Health Insurance That Covers Covid-19 (CoronaVirus)

A Short Guide To Health Insurance That Covers Covid-19 (CoronaVirus). From Covid-19 Testing To Treatment.

Posted by Greg Jones on January 24, 2020

People often ask us does private health insurance cover covid? Well, the answer isn't as simple as a yes or no.

Private medical insurance can often cover the covid testing (polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody tests) costs. One of the reasons they do this is because research has shown that going into some medical medical procedures while testing positive for covid can cause increased risk of complications and the insurance providers may have to pay for these complications which is why they'll often pay for the testing before the medical procedure.

With regards to getting medical cover for the actual treatment of Covid-19 it's currently unlikely that it would be covered under most policies, whether a customer is treated at NHS or private facilities.

If you have a medical condition and its made worse by covid-19 then you may by entitled to cover however that claim will be managed in line with policy terms and conditions in the usual way and subject to the satisfaction of applicable policy underwriting.

The private medical sector is learning more everyday about this virus so if you want cover in case you test positive for covid-19 or you want cover for existing medical conditons which may be exacerbated by covid-19 then we strongly recommend you speak to a private mecial insurance broker who will have up to date advice regarding Covid-19 private cover.

There are many advantages to using a broker but the biggest by far is that you're using their expertise at no cost. They are paid by the insurer (Aviva or Bupa etc) rather than you so it costs you no extra to use their services.

They will know all the deciding factors when looking for covid-19 cover. For example...

  • There might be policies/insurance companies that offer Covid cover for certain ages - a broker will know which ones do.
  • Do you reside in many different postcodes? Some will give you a cheaper premium than offers. I broker will be able to advise whats best.
  • Do you have a hobby that may invalidate your insurance policy? A broker will know this vital information.
  • If you are a couple and one of you have claimed on your policy this year would it be cheap to separate you both onto two different policies?
  • You've developed a certain condition and want to know which insurer offers the largest amount of cover for it. A broker will know this instantly saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

As you can see a broker will be able to give you excellent advice about not just covid-19 cover but health insurance in general. They'll make sure you get the health cover you need while keeping your premiums at an affordable level that suits you.

Brokers also often have offers such a one month free with insurers, or a no claims discount boost to lower your premium. Buying your policy through a broker can actually be cheaper than going directly to the insurers. Because brokers are paid up to 70% commission (not from you remember, they're 100% free) from the insurers when they sell you a policy they can often do what they call a commission sacrifice where they give you some of the commission the insurers have paid them for your policy.

So you can see there are clear reasons why brokers are such a great option when you're looking for Covid-19 cover. Their expertise is simply invaluable.