Health Insurance For Students

A Short Buying Guide To For UK Health Insurance If You Are A Senior

Posted by Greg Jones on August 24, 2019

If you are a foreign student and you do not qualify for treatment on the NHS because you are from outside the EU or any other reasons, you will need to get private health insurance, as private health care can be very expensive in the UK compared to most other countries. If you have an accident or fall ill, only emergency treatment will be provided for free by the NHS. If you are fortunate enough to qualify for treatment on the NHS, you may still want to take a private health insurance policy designed for foreign students that are studying in the UK.

Apart from private medical expenses, there are all sorts of other expenses you’ll have to factor into your decision. If you become ill, you may lose the tuition fees you paid if you don’t complete your UK studies. You may need to pay for a relative to visit you if you need caring for. You may also need to pay for a return flights home for treatment.

If you buy a health insurance a policy that allows you to have private health care in the UK are just some of the benefits.

Health insurance policies allow patients access to some of the country’s leading treatments and health specialists that might not be available on the NHS due to the cost of these consultants and pioneering treatments.

Depending on the hospital list you choose as a PMI patient you will have access to some of the best hospitals available. Many of these will include your own room, TV and changing rooms as well as en-suite facilities and much better food options than the NHS.

Waiting times for medical treatment are a fraction of what they are the on NHS. Meaning as a student you can get back to studying quicker and get the most from your tuition fees.

If you are a UK student who is traveling abroad to study in another country you may also wish to consider taking out a health insurance policy incase you become ill and need medical treatment abroad. Policy premiums will vary depending on which country you plan to study in, for example within the EU will typically be cheaper than in America. Its worth noting that America can often be excluded from policy cover due to how costly medical treatment can be over there so make sure you check with your broker or insurer. There are a wide range available from many health insurance providers so make sure you shop around. Using a broker is a popular option as they will be able to compare much of the market for you, saving you time and probably money. Also they can comment on the suitability of products from different health insurance providers where as a health insurance provider can only comment on their own.

Good luck with your studies in the UK or abroad!