Health Insurance For Seniors

A Short Buying Guide To For UK Health Insurance If You Are A Senior

Posted by Greg Jones on August 24, 2019

You've worked hard all your life, now you deserve the best medical treatment possible when you need it the most. Heres just a few reasons why private health insurance is so popular for seniors.

Say goodbye to queues

The NHS is under increasing pressure due to an aging population, immigration and budget cuts. Private treatment hasn't suffered in the same way, meaning you’ll have much much shorter waiting times for your private operations and treatments.


Private hospitals and wards are typically cleaner. Rates of MRSA in NHS hospitals are slowly improving but are still alarmingly high considering over 6% of hospital patients in England still acquire some form of infection during their stay according to the Health Protection Agency (HPA). If we look at some statistics from BMI Healthcare who are one of the biggest private hospital groups in the UK, with a total of 47 hospitals. They’ve had zero patients acquire MRSA in the blood.


Typically you can choose your consultant or pick from a list of approved experts. You can also choose where you want to be treated as long as its on your chosen hospital list.

Private room

You don't have to worry about being on a mixed-gender ward. Depending on your policy, you may have an ensuite bathroom.

Unrestricted visiting hours

Continuity of care

You will most likely be seen by the same consultant throughout the course of your treatment, helping increase the quality of your care.

Specialist claim team

Your chosen insurer may have a team specifically assembled to treat your illness.

Since April 2012 because of new EU laws it has been illegal to discriminate against individuals because of their age. As a result of this most insurers have removed the upper age limits that used to apply to some of their health insurance policies. A greater range of products are now available to suit even very elderly and senior individuals.

Its no secret that as you age your health insurance premium will increase because health insurance providers see you as more of a risk and more likely to claim. So because of this its more important than ever for seniors to shop around and make sure you're comparing multiple products and providers to get the best deal possible on your health insurance. A broker can help you compare the market and provide you with free impartial advice. Here are some reasons a broker might be right for you.

Using a broker instead of going direct can actually save you money

Using a broker typically won't cost you any more than if you went direct to get your insurance quote. In Fact many health insurance brokers have preferential rates with the insurers so it can actually save you money going through them.

Brokers know all the tips and tricks of the health insurance industry

Brokers know their industry extremely well, dont forget its what they spend all day doing, helping people find the health insurance policy thats right for them.

The reason we’re confident they find the policy thats right for the individual using their service is because health insurance brokers regulated by the FCA so they have to give you the quotes for policies that meet your requirements the best, they can't just sell you something that isn't right for you and they're going to make a nice chunk of commision on.

Brokers can clearly explain all the jargon

Health insurance brokers spend all day explaining the difference between mortarium and full medical underwriting. Why drain your poor brain and eyes trying to make sense of it all when a broker is willing to explain it all to you free of charge.

Brokers can comment on any product

This is a very important point to understand. When a health insurance provider such as Aviva provides you with a quote they can’t comment and compare other providers products such as Bupa. However a health insurance broker can and isn't limited to what products they can provide you with advice about. As long as they have an agency agreement with the insurer they can advise you about and sell you their products.