Health Insurance For Over 80s

A Short Guide To Health Insurance For People Over 80 Years Old

Posted by Greg Jones on January 24, 2020

If you've searched Google for Health Insurance For Over 80s and ended up on this page it's probably because you are considering buying a health insurance policy but are over the age of 80 and want to know if this adds any additional complications.

If you are over the age of 80 or anyone you want to add to your existing policy is over the age of 80 there can be some complications.

The main factor in calculating health insurance premiums is the clients age so naturally as you get older your insurance premiums go up. By the time you hit 80 years old they can be quite hefty indeed.

But luckily for us as well all know, insurance companies are quite greedy so if there is a demand for over 80s health insurance then they'll cater for it at the right price.

There may be some restrictions on the type of underwriting and perhaps maybe a few insurers won't cover that age but most will.

Because by the time you hit 80 you're likely to have a few health complications its best to let an insurance broker go over your options. They're amazing at taking a complicated topic like health cover and translating it into an easy to understand jargon free easy decisions about which policy is right for your health needs.

They will know all the factors that decide how much your health insurance will cost you and what will or won't be covered. For example...

  • Did you know some insurers will give you discounts if you are of a professional occupation? Brokers will know which ones and how much.
  • Do you want to add children to your policy? Some insurance providers will add them for free. A broker can tell you how many children you can add and which providers
  • Do you have a sports hobby that may invalidate your insurance policy? Or even an occupation? A broker will know this vital information.
  • If you are a couple and one of you have claimed on your insurance policy this year would it be cheap to separate you both onto two different insurance policies?
  • You've developed a medical condition and want to know which health insurer offers the best cover for it. A broker will know this instantly saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

As you can see a broker will be able to give you excellent advice about private health insurance for seniors over 80. They'll make sure you get the health cover you need while keeping your premiums at an affordable level that suits you.

Many brokers also have offers with medical insurers such a one or two months free, or a NCD (no claims discount) increase to lower your premium. Buying your policy through a medical insurance broker can actually be cheaper than buying it through the insurers themselves. Because brokers are paid up to 75% commission from the insurance providers when they sell you a policy they can often do what they call a commission sacrifice and give you some of the commission the insurer have paid them for your policy back to you in the form of a lower monthly premium or cash back direct into your bank account.

You can see there are advantages of using a broker and not really any disadvantages. So if you are looking for health insurance for over 80 years then their expertise is simply invaluable.