Health Insurance For Children

A Short Guide To Buying Health Insurance For Children

Posted by Greg Jones on August 24, 2019

Helping you protecting your children with a health insurance policy that is right for your family will help you sleep better knowing if anything happens to them they’ll get the best care possible.

Theres nothing worse than being powerless to help when your children is ill and needs medical treatment.

We can help you find a FCA regulated broker that can talk you through which policy is best for your family.

Here some reasons why brokers are becoming an extremely popular option when purchasing health insurance for your children and just some advantages of having private medical treatment for your children as opposed to NHS treatment.

  • Brokers can save you money with preferential rates with some insurers
  • Brokers know all the tips and trick of the health insurance industry
  • Brokers can clearly explain all the jargon from mortarium to full medical underwriting
  • Brokers can comment on any product, insurers can only comment on their own
  • No queues - get your treatment faster
  • No reported cases of MRSA
  • More choice of consultants
  • More choice of where you're treated
  • Private room
  • Unrestricted visiting hours.
  • You will most likely be seen by the same consultant with each visit
  • Your chosen insurer may have a team that deals specifically with your illness, such as cancer.