Health Insurance For Expats In Guatemala

The Best Health Insurance For Expatriates Living In Guatemala

Posted by Greg Jones on January 24, 2020

If you've searched the web for private health insurance that covers expats in Guatemala then you are probably for looking for established UK based health insurance companies that can cover your medical expenses in Guatemala.

Living as an expatriate in Guatemala you want to avoid any unwanted and unexpected medical costs. In some countries these can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds for very serious medical conditions.

Our advice when looking for private medical insurance that covers expatriates living in Guatemala is to speak to a health insurance broker. Health insurance is very complex and if you want absolute certainty that Guatemala is covered you should talk with a medical insurance broker who can explain which providers will cover medical costs for expatriates in Guatemala and which will exclude it.

There are many advantages to using a broker but the largest by far is that you're using their industry experience at no cost. They are paid by the insurer (Aviva or Bupa etc) rather than you so it costs you no extra to use their brokering services.

  • Do you reside in many different postcodes? Some will give you a lower premium than offers. A insurance broker will be able to advise whats best.
  • Do you have a hobby that may invalidate your insurance policy? A broker will know this critical information.
  • If you are a couple and one of you has claimed on your policy this year would it be cheaper to separate you both onto two different policies?
  • You've lean't you're at risk of developing a certain medical condition and want to know which insurer offers the largest amount of cover for it. A broker will know this instantly saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

You can call around every health insurance provider on the market and ask if they provider cover for expats in Guatemala, however this will be a very time consuming process. Each insurer will ask for your medical history because its not normally a simple yes or not if a medical condition is covered or not.

Its much quicker to speak to one medical insurance broker which will know which providers on the market offer cover for expats in Guatemala and under what terms they do or don't cover it.

Guatemala Information

In its territory, there are Mayan archaeological sites (Tikal in the Petén, Quiriguá in Izabal, Iximche in Tecpan Chimaltenango, and in the City of Guatemala). Destinations visited for their natural environment include Lake Atitlán and Semuc Champey. Historical tourism destinations include the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, which is recognized by UNESCO Cultural Heritage.

Tourism in Guatemala has grown gradually, is an attractive destination because of the abundant and varied natural environment and its long beaches of white sand and dark sand, coral reefs, flora and fauna, and archaeological sites, its colonial history, plus its culture expressed in their customs and traditional foods.[citation needed]

There is a strong interest of the international community for archaeological sites like the city of Tikal was built and occupied in a period where the Mayan culture had its most literal and artistic expression, was ruled by a dynasty of 16 kings, the Mayas of Tikal built many temples, a ball park, altars and steles in high and low relief.

Guatemala is very popular for its archaeological sites, pre-Hispanic cities as well as tourist-religious centers like Basilica of Esquipulas and City of Esquipulas and also the beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Guatemala. Other tourist destinations are the National Parks and others Protected Areas such as the Maya Biosphere Reserve.