Health Insurance That Covers Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Buyers Guide To Health Insurance For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by Greg Jones on January 24, 2020

If you've searched Google for private medical insurance that covers coronavirus (covid-19) then you are most likely for looking for trusted UK based health insurance providers that can cover coronavirus (covid-19).

Our advice when shopping around for private medical insurance that covers coronavirus (covid-19) is to speak to a health insurance broker. Health insurance is very complicated and if you want absolute certainty that coronavirus (covid-19) is covered by your policy you should consult with a health insurance broker who can explain which providers will cover this medical condition and which will exclude it.

There are many advantages to using a insurance broker but the biggest by far is that you're using their insurance training at no cost. They are paid by the insurer (Aviva or Bupa etc) rather than by you so it costs you no extra to use their services.

  • Do you live in many different postcodes? Some will give you a cheaper policy premium than offers. A insurance broker will be able to advise whats best.
  • Do you have a hobby that may invalidate your insurance claim? A broker will know this critical information.
  • If you are a couple and one of you has claimed on your policy this year would it be cheaper to separate you both onto two different policies?
  • You've developed a certain condition and want to know which insurer offers the largest amount of cover for it. A broker will know this instantly saving you so much time and effort.

You can call around every health insurance provider on the market and ask if they cover coronavirus (covid-19), however this will be a very time consuming process. Each insurer will ask for your medical history because its not normally a simple yes or not if a medical condition is covered or not.

Its far far quicker to speak to one medical insurance broker which will know which policy providers on the market cover coronavirus (covid-19) and under what terms they do or don't cover it.

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